How to continue playing the clarinet for adults

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I started playing the clarinet at my junior high school.
In Japan, wind ensemble clubs are popular. I belonged to a wind ensemble club, and I practiced playing the clarinet at junior high school and high school.
School is convenient to play instruments because it has a music room. Club members can play instruments after school in a music room and an older boy or girl taught me how to play so I’m good at playing the clarinet day by day.

After graduate school, many players quit playing. The reason is that there are no rooms to practice clarinets and it’s tiring to go to a place you can play after working.
So it’s popular to play it on the weekend.

Some people belong to citizen’s wind ensemble teams. There are many citizen’s wind ensemble teams in Japan. You can find one in or near your city.
It’s enjoyable to belong to it because you can make music friends. Music friends are sometimes better than your colleagues. You can enjoy talking about your favorite songs and playing them with your friends.

Other people go to professional clarinet players. It’s expensive but you can improve your clarinet skills.
Professional clarinet players usually teach many adult amateur players. Amateur players can get to know each other through the teacher. It’s a good thing to talk about how to practice with each other.