How to search for a wind ensemble team

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In Japan, some citizens are part of wind ensemble teams. Some teams are for fun, while other teams are more serious. I’ll show you how to find a team that is suited to you.

If you want to practice a lot in a team, you should join a team which enters wind ensemble contests. The most popular contest is held by the band federation in the summer. The contest needs us to practice our instruments frequently. You can find out which teams enter wind ensemble contests on the federation’s website.

Alternatively, if you want to make friends who play instruments, you should join a team which holds recreational events. Some teams hold a drinking party after practicing or get together for fun events on days that they don’t practice. You can find out which teams hold many events by checking a team’s weblog. Most teams write weblogs and introduce themselves and their events.

However, there are some points to keep in mind when choosing a team. If you join a team that is established by ex-students of a school, the team may be exclusive.

Lastly, I’ll introduce a search website especially for wind ensemble teams.

I hope this will help.