Japanese soundproof rooms

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Japanese houses aren’t good for playing clarinets, because they are usually small and don’t have a garden.
So, several Japanese companies sell soundproof rooms. People can play the clarinet in a soundproof room at home.
I’ll introduce a Japanese soundproof room.

YAMAHA is a popular music company in Japan. It sells soundproof rooms called “AVITECS”. AVITECS means AV Instrument & Total Entertainment Co-ordination System.
AVITECS has several types of soundproof rooms.
You can choose the size, height, and the power of the soundproof.
Size : 0.8-tatami mat size, 1.2-tatami mat size, 1.5-tatami mat size, and more
Height: 2069mm or 2269mm
Power of soundproof: Dr-35, Dr-40
Price: from 580,000 yen

If you play the clarinet standing, you should choose the smallest soundproof room. The soundproof room is 0.8-tatami mat size.
And if you live in an independent house, you can choose the power Dr-35 or Dr-40. But if you live in an apartment, you have to choose the power Dr-40.Dr-40 is better than Dr-35.
If you buy a 0.8 tatami mat size, 2069mm and Dr-35, the price is 580,000 yen(without tax).

I have used AVITECS before. I chose the 0.8-tatami mat size and Dr-30.Dr-30 was sold before but now isn’t sold.
The type of Dr-30 was enough for my environment. I enjoyed playing the clarinet at home at night.
When I moved to another house, I sold AVITECS.
The price is too expensive, but I want it again.