Practice in Karaoke

karaoke blog(inEnglish)

There are many Karaoke in Japan. You can sing a song in it, and you can practice the clarinet.
I’ll show you good things and bad things to practice it in Karaoke.

Good things
Firstly, Karaoke is cheap. If you go to Karaoke on a weekday, the price is cheaper than the weekend and if you go to Karaoke in the daytime, the price is cheaper than at night.
For example, Jankara, a popular Karaoke shop, is one of the cheapest Karaoke shops in Japan.The price per half hour is 160yen in the daytime on a weekday and also the price includes a non-alcoholic drink.

Secondly, It’s easy to go to Karaoke. Karaoke is good usually in the front of stations or main streets. You can go to Karaoke easily and Karaoke is open until midnight.You can practice the clarinet after working.

Bad things
Karaoke is a noisy place so if you concentrate on your clarinet’s tone, you can’t do this in Karaoke.
Also you can sing your favorite songs, so you may sing alternative to practicing the clarinet.

Of course, you need to confirm if Karaoke allows playing instruments. Clarinets are usually OK because they’re not noisier than other brass instruments. But you need to do it once.