The way of defining instruments

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Most wind ensemble instrument players in Japan belonged to wind ensemble clubs at school. Of course, me too. There are many instruments, including flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, horns, and tubas. How do students choose their instruments? I’ll explain.

First, students try playing most of the instruments when they belong to a wind ensemble club to find out which instrument they find easiest to play or to find one that they think is cool. Older students in the wind ensemble club will also advise if they think that one student is good at one instrument or another student doesn’t suit an instrument.

Second, students state their choices. For example, they could say that their first choice is a flute and their second choice is a saxophone. The club teacher and older students would consider these choices. However, there is a limit to how many players are needed for certain instruments, so one student might make and get their wish but another student might not. The teacher and older students will discuss and announce, “We need you to play the saxophone.”

This is the typical way that instruments are chosen, especially at junior high school. The method at a high school is different. As some high school students experienced playing at junior high school wind ensemble clubs, they can usually select which instruments they wish to play.